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Important dates 2023

Here are all the important dates for your application 

08 January 2024 (Monday)

Letters with login details will be sent via Postnord to all students at the end of week 2, and will arrive no later than the beginning of week 3.

15 January 2024 (Monday)

Applications open for students.

15 February 2024 (Thursday)

Applications close at 23:59.

16 April 2024 (Tuesday)

Preliminary admission points are displayed, and the application process opens for students wishing to change their application. No preliminary admission figures are displayed for applicants to special upper secondary schools, applicants with foreign grades or applicants to introductory programmes for individual students.

15 May 2024 (Wednesday)

Last day to apply at 11.59 PM.

15 June 2024 (Saturday)

Your final grades are now displayed on the applications website. Log in and check that everything is correct.

02 July 2024 (Tuesday)

The results of the final admissions are displayed on the website gymnasieantagningen.se



17 July 2024 (wednesday)

Response deadline for final admission decision. Deadline for submitting grades from holiday school prior to reserve admissions 1.

31 July 2024 (Wednesday)

Reserve admissions 1 complete. Log in to the applications website to view the results.

5 August 2024 (Monday)

Response deadline for reserve admissions 1

07 August 2024 (Wednesday)

Reserve admissions 2 complete. You can log in to the applications website to view your results.

11 August 2024 (Sunday)

Response deadline for reserve admissions 2.

12 August 2024 (Monday)

Upper secondary schools take over the reserve admissions process.

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